Thursday, February 28, 2013

"I hope they call me on a mission . . .

. . .when I have grown a foot or two"

Most of you know these are exciting times for missionary service!  With the announcement last October of changes in the ages of young men and young women desiring to serve a mission we all knew there would be a tsunami effect in the mission field.  We are seeing that wave coming now. In the past year there have been about 50,000 full time missionaries serving throughout the world.  By the end of 2013 it is anticipated to increase to 95,000!

We are beginning to see 18 and 19 year old elders and sisters entering the Cauayan Mission now with more coming.  We have only 7 missionaries going home next transfer day and 23 are coming!  The Church announced the new mission presidents who have been called to begin serving in July. 58 new missions were created throughout the world!  The Philippines will have 4 new missions in addition to the 17 already here.  

We are getting a new mission president and his companion in a few months.
President George R. and Sister Lori Rahlf

They are from Cincinnati, Ohio and are the parents of 5 sons.  Their youngest son will be serving his mission in Europe while they are serving here.  

". . . I hope by then I will be ready, to preach and teach and work as missionaries do."

I have been observing while we have been here in the mission field how some missionaries adapt well and how some struggle before hitting their stride.  

These are some of my observations for my grandchildren: 

  • Get to know the Savior. He is our partner.  This is His work. 

  • Learn to work hard!

  • Be physically fit!  Missionaries walk all day.

  • Learn to cook.  Basic cooking skills and the ability to adapt a recipe can come in handy if you want to eat.

  • Be willing to try a lot of new things. Enjoy different people, different food, different places.

  • Be comfortable camping.  Often you will be living in very different circumstances than you have at home.  If you are comfortable adapting, this will not be a hard change to make.

  • Learn how to get to know new people. What questions can I ask to get to know them?

  • Serve your family.  Serve your friends.

  • Love to obey your parents.

  • Learn how to wash, iron, fold and put away your clothes.  You won’t have your Mom with you and your companion won’t do it for you.  Know how to take care of your self.

  • Learn to clean your house.  If your apartment is clean and neat, it will invite the Spirit.

  • Read, ponder and learn to love the Book of Mormon.  You can bear a powerful testimony if the Book of Mormon has already helped you in your life.

  • Learn scriptures.  Memorize as many great scriptures as you can. 

  • Learn to lead music.  You will have many opportunities to lead music. 

  • Practice the piano.  Being able to play the piano is really needed everywhere you go.  Be able to play the hymns.

So . . . start getting ready now.  Serving a mission changes your life!  Serving a mission with all your heart changes your life and the lives of those you serve!  

Elder and Sister Mills (also known as Grandpa and Grandma)

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