Sunday, November 18, 2012


Reflecting on many, many blessings always lifts my heart and so as they are easy to count here we go:

Grateful to be a missionary, a representative of Jesus Christ, to share His gospel.  It is at once a humbling, challenging, and joyful experience.  We feel so thankful to be able to serve and teach individuals, to share messages of Heavenly Father's love for them, of the Savior's loving and redeeming Atonement.  We are able to bear testimony regularly that there is help for their burdens and problems; that there is great peace and happiness available to each as they come onto Christ.  We are witnesses ourselves of these things we share and we are able to see the miracle of change occur in their lives as well.

So thankful to be serving together.  

Grateful to have the privilege of serving the Lord here in this part of the Philippines where beauty surrounds us in nature and in people.  We find people for the most part to be caring, affectionate, happy, and humble in nature.  We are strangers, yet are welcomed in and revered, treated with great respect and honor. 

Immeasurably grateful for children and grandchildren who support us in love and in deeds. We truly are blessed by each one of them as they offer precious time to keep our affairs running smoothly at home.  We are so glad to be able to communicate weekly with our family, to see and hear how life is going for them.  We are pleased to hear about the progress grandchildren are making in their growing up years and are proud of their efforts to do their very best.  We feel grateful to see our children supporting each other in the challenges each face.  Though we aren't there, we know they are taking care of each other.  That gives us immense peace of mind.  

Grateful to be serving along side wonderful missionaries young and old.  

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