Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arrival of 23 new missionaries . . .

March 27, 2013 was an historic day  for our mission as we welcomed 23 new missionaries to the Philippines Cauayan Mission.  This was also the first batch to arrive on the plane instead of the overnight bus from Manila so they really looked bright eyed this morning!

Sister Carlos greeting the first ones

We had just an hour earlier said farewell to the departing missionaries.  They were already checked in at the airport and actually watched through the glass partition as the new missionaries arrived.

It is a wonderful feeling to finally arrive after all the preparation a missionary goes through.  You can see the anticipation on their faces.


Also arriving on this plane was the family of Elder Wooden who served with us in Gamu for seven and a half months.  His mission was complete and his family had come to see the places he had served and meet the people.  I remember well the anticipation of finally seeing our sons and daughter again after 2 long years!  

The Wooden family including their 3 younger sons came to Gamu on Sunday.  Brother and Sister Wooden spoke in Sacrament Meeting as well as Elder Wooden.  Our branch was happy to see him again as he had been serving in Tuguegarao the last 3 months.

This is a picture of the Lapiton family and Angie Pico at their baptism in February.  These were precious people Elder Wooden and Elder Armoreda had found and taught the Gospel to.  They were both transferred before the baptism took place, but President Carlos allowed them to come back to baptize them.

Everyone in the branch wanted to be in the picture!

 After Church we invited the Wooden family and President and Sister Carlos over to our house for a little merienda (small meal).  We wanted them to have a chance to get to know the Lapitons and Sister Angie and hear their testimonies. It was a very tender experience for them to hear these converts express their strong testimonies of the Gospel, and their gratitude to Elder Wooden whom they loved so much.
Sister Lapiton is an amazing cook and was preparing fried bananas.  Her helpers are Sister Angie in the black, Bonifacio (Angie's nephew), and Lordinette (a member of the Branch)

It is hard to measure the amount of love felt here!

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